Friday, April 15, 2011

Bloody protests in Uganda, Face book and Twitter Blocked

Early this month (April), Uganda political parties led by Forum for Democratic Change FDC and civil society organizations launched the Action for Change campaign which includes among other activities a Walk to Work Campaign. The walk to work campaign began on Monday where prominent opposition leaders moved from their homes on foot to their places of work. They have also urged several people to accompany them because of the high fuel and basic needs prices and the fact that government is not doing anything about it.

Government warns and threatens severe action.

The government warned the public against joining the peaceful Walk to Work campaign with threats to crush whoever acted contrary to the law. Monday April 11, saw several people injured including several babies, school children and women. Several opposition activists were clobbered and charged in court for unlawful assembly, disrupting traffic but were latter released on bail . On Thursday April 14, the Walk to Work architects led by FDC’s Kizza Besigye, were on the road again as early as 06:00am. Police used maximum force to stop the campaign but were overpowered by the number of people who formed a ring around the FDC leader and looser in the just concluded general elections which he says was full of irregularities. The FDC president camped a road trench to for over 3 hours to resist arrest.

This woman was working home and was wasn't part of the protesters but was hit by several rubber bullets, its reported that she died immediately after being taken from the scene where this picture was taken. May her soul rest in Eternal Peace

At around 1200 hours, Kizza Begigye got out of the trench and continued his Walk to Work campaign. Along with hundreds of supporters, they came under attack by Military Police who were called in after the police failed to handle the protestors. The FDC present was shot in the hand by a rubber bullet targeted towards him and was rushed to Kampala Hospital.

Lawmakers across the political spectrum, united in blaming the government, and the police leadership in particular, for using violence against opposition leaders and civilians walking to work. The lawmakers said this was an attempt to disguise the national discontent over economic problems.

More Action (Twitter and Face book blocked, media houses banned from live broadcasting)

The government last evening moved to curtail major broadcasting houses when it banned live broadcast of news events around the walk-to-work campaign. April 15 at around 1230 hours, Face book and Twitter were blocked.

Way forward!

1. Is Uganda heading to military state?

2. Has Mr Museveni’s comment to chew Besigye like samosa started to work?( During Museveni’s election victory party in early march, he promised to chew Besigye like a samosa if he tried to cause chaos)

3. Who should we blame for the chaos, loss of lives and property? Police or Besigye’s supporters who are mostly unemployed youth?

4. Is Besigye using Ugandans for his personal interests? Is he an activist or just a greedy politicians like some of him colleagues?

5. Are we yet to see another Egypt, Tunisia , Libya, Yemen and Syria revolution in Uganda?

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