Saturday, April 11, 2009

Seeds and food support project to rural farmer's groups.
In our efforts to build a food secure community that can be able to sustain its self in future and work towards its own development, we started working very closely with rural farmer’s groups. ICOD provides free planting seeds several farmer’s groups and other vulnerable households.

On the onset of the 2009 planting season, ICOD distributed free planting seeds to three farmer’s groups and 51 vulnerable households affected by HIV/AIDS..
Prince Primary School administration representatives receive planting seeds from ICOD
ICOD Staff delivering planting seeds for farmers
A farmer receives free planting seeds
51 vulnerable households also benefited from free food, beddings and household utensils distributed by the organization.
Staff sorting food items for distribution
Some of the beneficiaries
ICOD's Community Development Officers hands over planting seeds to orphans
Orphans receiving beddings from ICOD's field staff
ICOD's food support to prince Primary Public School

In all its projects and activities, ICOD works with and consults local and foreign partners. Among the local partners is Prince Primary Public school; a local community owned and managed school that provides education to children from families affected by HIV/AIDS and high poverty levels. ICOD works with the school parents and partners to improve conditions of the children at school through infrastructural development.

In 2008, ICOD found out that food scarcity was one of the most pressing needs of children at home and at school. ICOD started implementing a free planting seeds distribution project aimed at building the community food resource so that children can have enough food at school and at home.

The harvests from the 2008 season were very good; 470 kilograms of maize were harvested from 25 kilograms given to parents by the organization. Food availability in most participating households increased and children are now able to have enough food at home.

ICOD handed over 75 kilograms of maize to prince primary administration which will be used as food for school children. The children had their first meal from their parent’s harvests on 9th April 2009 at 1:15pm.

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