Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our unique Model

ICOD Action Network believes that the best and last solutions to every challenge are those developed from within communities or sustained by local communities if developed by NGOs or government. ICOD Action Network brings together innovation, community development and sustainability to create lasting social change in rural communities. ICOD Action Network partners with communities to build sustainable responses to communities challenges. 

Innovation and Education
With the establishment of a solar powered Internet Center in 2010, communities now have access to better online information resources. ICOD ACTION NETWORK believes that access to information and literacy is critical to personal and economic empowerment, so our programming is centered on easing communities access to information.
In many of the communities where we work, ICOD Action Network  has  become a vital resource for farmers, women and youth  and our projects have provided a forum for communities to share skills and ideas.

Community Development
ICOD Action Network operates on the belief that communities are in the best position to assess their own needs and strengths and generate the best responses to overcome them. It is critical to our model that we partner with communities  and fully involve them in all projects. ICOD Action Network staff spend time educating communities about our model, level of participation required and setting long-term goals.

Community participation
An important part of our model is establishing true partnerships with communities. In addition to ICOD Action Network investment, each community contributes own resources  - no matter how small, to tackle identified problems. Communities have always contributed training venue, local resources, schools and religious institutions have also provided training venues during our farmer engagement sessions. As a result, everyone in the community feels invested in the success of our projects. Participation has helped communities embrace ownership and management of all projects implemented by ICOD Action Network.


  • Engages community leaders, local experts, volunteers, our staff and other development partners in collaborative practices to overcome challenges.
  • Energizes community motivation and engagement through discussions and active participation in our activities. 
  • Uses information technology to connect communities to “outside world” to learn, share and network.
  • Sets clear expectations and provides opportunity for teamwork, contribution and use of local resources.
  • Builds a new group of local leaders and inspires them to continuously mobilize and encourage communities to take part in development initiatives.
  • Develops local leaders critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Offers space for ICOD Action Network staff and communities to analyze progress, evaluate impact and set new targets
  • Builds a collaborative practice within communities, and beyond
  • Integrates structures for assessment and data-informed practice that communities understand and embrace.
  • Our model is a concrete model for sustainable community development. 

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