Monday, July 22, 2013

Five Thousand Trees

When ICOD turned five years old they decided they wanted to do something big… they decided to plant five thousand trees. After being denied money from multiple donors to support this project, instead of giving up, they found another way. 

Jack fruit trees in a nursery bed
They decided to connect with youth groups, children think of the now, they think about the food they want to eat for dinner and what they are going to do tomorrow. Adults, they think about the far future, how they are going to pay for their children’s university fees and how they are going to get food on the table. So they reached out to schools where the students were involved in environment and agriculture groups. 

A child with a Jack fruit tree donated by ICOD Action Network
They asked the students “if you could plant any tree what would you plant?” they almost all answered “Fene” also known as Jack fruit. So they started collecting seeds and planting them in nursery plots. Once they have sprouted and started to grow they take the seedlings to the classes and do permaculture training on how to plant their trees, take care of them, and encourage them to grow. Once the Jack fruit are matured they will not only provide shade, but also fruit which can feed the family and give them something to sell at the markets for additional income. It was very exciting to be involved in planting the seeds for tomorrow.

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