Friday, August 17, 2012

World Humanatarian Day: meet a "small" guy who worked with us to start a solar powered internet center

Sunday 19, August is World Humanitarian Day. Have you done anything to help some one in need? Have you donated to a noble cause? Have you signed a petition for a just human rights cause?  To celebrate World Humanitarian Day, we have singled out one “small” guy who worked with us set up the first solar powered Internet center in our region (southwestern Uganda). Waitresses who served him local food,  local farmers, boda boda boys (motorcycle taxi) and children he met on Lyantonde’s dusty streets, called Ga-a-lanti instead of Grant. Grant Buhr who currently lives in Chicago Illinois worked with Project Focus from 2007 to July 2012.
2010 staff retreat in Lake Mburo National Park.
Grant lived and worked with us for almost one year. Before he left, we had Lyantonde Internet Center running. He worked like a professional social worker, mobilized communities, shot and produced videos, helped manage finances and danced with us to our local Ugandan songs. Its impossible write everything  in this article but we hope you enjoy some the videos he worked on while living in Lyantonde. Michael: You need 365 days to listen to my story. 
Michael: I first met Grant in 2007. It never came to my mind that I would work with him again because he was in different world; producing videos and music, lives in the U.S… On one of our trips on rainy day, I lost control of the bike and we crushed into a pothole full of dirty water. He knew I was a good driver and he trusted me with his life again.  The most trying moment with him was when some one guy we all thought was honest almost conned our organizations $100,000 meant to construct a school. It was a very stressing time but we decided to move forward and here we are. As I said before, I need 365 days.
Adam: ( laughs) I remember him as a very strict man… he loved playing with children here.
Fatuma:  (laughs so loud and  tightens her scuff) Wabula simanyi kyakwogela ( I don’t know what to say) He was very hardworking, down to earth and  I remember he once said he wasn’t going to shave until we had enough money to start Lyantonde Internet Center.  
Enjoy some of the videos produced. 



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