Monday, June 4, 2012

Michael opens SMOCSA International Women's Conference.

On May 27, ICOD Action Network's Executive Director Ahabwe Mugerwa Michael gave an opening key note speech at the SMOCSA International Women's Conference. Single Mothers and Child Support Agency (SMOCSA) Uganda is a non profit making and voluntary organization that advocates for the rights of single mothers and vulnerable children in Uganda especially those affected by domestic violence. 

This year's conference under the theme "Eliminating Discrimination against women in order to end Gender Based Violence" focused on improving coordination among agencies, departments, courts of law, members of the community and victims in efforts to end domestic violence.
Michael inspiring talk focused on increasing women's access to birth control and reproductive rights information, ending rape and sexual enslavement, ending Female Genital Mutilation and increasing women's access to investment capital.

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  1. It was a blessing having you speak to women at the conference. Thank you so much for honoring our invitation. God bless you.


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