Tuesday, June 15, 2010


On May 21, 2010, ICOD selected 5 groups’ leaders from 5 local farmer’s groups working with the organization and took them for a study tour in Western Uganda. The purpose of the tour was to link Lyantonde farmers to other farmers who have used of computers and internet to increase agricultural productivity and market their produce. The group visited Bwera Information Center and visited local farmer's groups who shared their experience with farmers from Lyantonde about modern farming methods, group formation, savings and credit and how the use of internet has helped them increase agricultural productivity. Farmer's from Lyantonde were inspired and they shared stories from Bwera with their communities and also formed farmer's groups that are being trained in using the computers and using internet by the organization

Lyantonde farmers taking notes

The group touring of a pineapple farm in Bwera

ICOD's Director sharing his experience

Bwera Information Center Coordinator (second right) explaining how the center trains local farmers.

After training, farmers will be able to use the internet to link their respective groups to markets, get infomation about crop and animal diseases prevention, get weather forecasts, learn and adopt new agricultural production methods, learnt from other farmers and retrieve agricultural related information from the internet, repackage it in the local languages and share it with other farmers.

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